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The Global Trade Expo is known for its diverse representation of industries, including but not limited to CBD, smoke, vaping, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, fashion, food and beverages, and more. Each expo may have a specific focus or theme.

While the expo primarily focuses on B2B interactions, some events may also include B2C (business-to-consumer) components, particularly in industries where direct consumer engagement is essential.

Absolutely! We welcome businesses from various industries to exhibit their products and services at the expo. Please contact our exhibition team to discuss the available options and booth packages.

The expo is open to business professionals, entrepreneurs, industry experts, buyers, sellers, investors, and anyone interested in exploring international business opportunities and connections.

The venue and dates for the Global Trade Expo vary with each edition.

You can register for the expo through our official website by filling out the registration form. Follow the instructions provided to secure your spot and receive event updates.

Absolutely! Even if you’re not exhibiting or actively buying products, attending the expo provides valuable insights into global industry trends, networking opportunities, and access to informative sessions. Anyone with an interest in global business is welcome to attend.

Registration cancellation and transfer policies may vary. Please refer to the terms and conditions provided during the registration process or contact our registration team for assistance.