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Its's All Up From Here
Restored Connections. New Opportunities. Revitalized Energy.

What Is Global Products Expo Week?

Global Products Expo , the most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise in the United States.

Our show is held twice a year in New Jersey. At GPE, the world’s widest variety of  general merchandise and consumer products comes together in one efficient four day shopping experience. On the show floor, retailers of all sizes discover quality choices at every price point.

Register for the opportunity to connect with thousands of attendees and vendors.


Connect with Industry Leaders

Explore a World of Opportunities

Expand Your Market Reach

If you’re ready to expand your merchandise mix, get to New Jersey to get a fresh look at today’s trend-setting products. 

Nothing replaces the face-to-face interactions. Be inspired by merchandising ideas, learn brand stories, compare product lines and get everything you need to buy. The best part? Merchandise that can yield up to 300% margins!